Does United Airlines Give a Flight Discount to Students?

If you are a young passenger and a MileagePlus member, you may get a young adult discount from United Airlines. This discount caters to students as well as anyone else who is a frequent flyer member with United Airlines and is of the suggested age group.

Traveling is financially exhausting, and this young Adult discount caters to the needs of youngsters who are still studying or struggling with early years of work with no money to splurge on air travel. Here in the below subsections, you will find details on what is United Airlines young adult discount is and how it can benefit students.

What Exactly is United Airlines Young Adult Discount?

United Airlines is offering a 5% discount on Economy and Basic Economy seats to younger customers of its MileagePlus (frequent flyer) program. If you are between 18 and 23 years old when you book flights, you are eligible for this discount under your MileagePlus membership. Remember to add your date of birth to the account as per your necessary travel documents and avail of the discount.

Will Students Also Benefit from This Discount?

Yes, as long as you are traveling with United Airlines on an eligible flight and are within the stated age group, you will benefit from this discount even if you are a student. Make sure that you list yourself as a MileagePlus member to avail of the 5% off on selected fares.

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Which United Airlines Flights Offer Discounts to Young Adults?

If you want a student discount or young adult discount from United Airlines, there are only selected flights to choose from. Here is a comprehensive list of options you have for such discounts:

  • Flights operated by United Airlines or United Express within the United States,
  • United Airlines or United Express flights to/from selected international trips from the United States.
  • Selected partner airlines flights with a “UA” flight number.

Some partner airlines with “UA” number are operated by:

  • Air Canada
  • ANA
  • Austrian
  • Brussels
  • Lufthansa

You can choose your departure and destination & book flights in one of the suggested options to benefit from the 5% rebate.

P.S. You can not see Discounted Prices when you search for flights on the United Airlines official website.

How Do I Get the United Student/Young Adult Discount?

Getting this special discount from United Airlines is easy. Whether you are a student or not, for all passengers within the 18 to 23 age group, the airline offers a simple process to book flights at a discounted rate. Here are the detailed instructions:

  • Open or download the United Airlines official mobile application (
  • Sign in to your existing MileagePlus account or sign up as a new member for free,
  • Go to the Book a Flight section and continue,
  • Choose the Young Traveler Discount option on this page and search for flights.
  • You will see a list of flights to choose from.
  • Select one and continue.
  • The discount will automatically apply since you chose it from the get-go.

Important Reminder: You can only access the discounted rate on flights through the United Airlines mobile app.

What are the Benefits of this Special Discount?

Being a student and a MileagePlus member of United Airlines, this discount option is already a major benefit. Besides, depending on your frequent flyer status and the added privileges you own, your benefits increase. Here are the details:

Get More Advantage with Premier Status

If you have a premier status with your membership on United Airlines MileagePlus, you will get the same benefits on discount bookings as your regular tickets. Some of these include:

  • Priority Boarding
  • A full size Carry-on bag
  • Free checked baggage allowance

Remember, the Basic Economy ticket restrictions still apply whether you are a student or simply a young adult with a discount ticket.

Enjoy Cardmember Benefits on Discount Ticket

You can book your tickets with United Airlines discount for students or young adults using your Chase Credit Card issued by the airline and enjoy all the cardmember benefits with the discounted ticket. But these benefits will only apply when you are a cardholder and no other traveler can avail these.

Does the Discount Apply to Taxes & Fees?

No, it doesn’t. You can not get any rebate on taxes, fees, or surcharges. These charges usually include the following:

  • Passenger facility charges or fees on additional purchases.
  • Tax on international departures.
  • Immigration or Customs Users fees
  • Checked luggage fees.
  • Airport security charges or Agricultural tax.

If any of the fees apply, your discount will not cover that. In other words, the 5% discount will only be applied on general airfare with additional mentioned benefits.

Final Words

That’s all about getting a student discount from United Airlines. Although it is termed as a young adult discount, you can benefit if you are a student within the 18 to 23 years age group. Well, aren’t all college students of this age group usually? So, grab your devices and download the United Airlines app for booking flights with student discount and enjoying the available perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Students Get Discounts from United Airlines?

United airlines does not specifically give discounts to students in this name, but their young adult discount caters to a certain age group that even covers students.

Who is Eligible for United’s Young Adult Discount?

United Airlines Young Adult discount is valid for its MileagePlus members between ages 18 and 23 years on Economy and Basic Economy seats.

How Much Discount Do Young Adults Get From the United Airlines?

You can get up to 5% off on your flight booking with the United Airlines young adult discount on specific Economy & Basic Economy bookings. But, remember the age limit to avail of this discount as a student.

Can I Get a Student Discount from United Airlines Partners?

Yes, you can get a student discount for young adults from United Airlines on some of its partner airlines. If your flight has a number starting with “UA,” you will be eligible for getting this discount from United Airlines Partners.

Do Cardmembers get Student Discounts from United Airlines?

It's not stated on United Airlines official channels whether cardmembers can also benefit from Young Adult or Student discounts, but such discounts add all cardmember benefits if you use your cards to book tickets.

Can I Get a United Student Discount without MileagePlus Account?

No, as the student discount is only available as a young adult discount from United Airlines for MileagePlus members, you won’t enjoy this discount without your frequent flyer account. The discount requires a login with your account to redeem.