Are you planning a journey with your furry friends? Select United Airlines as your travel companion, as they have the most suitable pet policy. With their flexible policy, the airline ensures a cozy and pleasurable experience for your pets. The airline also takes necessary measures to ensure your pet is safe throughout the journey.

The airline understands the value of your furry buddies in your life and designed its pet travel policy mostly for passengers who are emotionally connected with their pets. With the United Airlines Pet Policy, you can add an extra layer of comfort to your furry companion. However, to request pet service, you need to be well-acquainted with the airline policies.

Learn with us more about pet travel policies and comfortably carry your furry companion with you.

What is the United Airlines Pet Policy?

The airline does have guidelines, which need to be followed by passengers who are looking to carry their pets. Here, we have discussed some of the key highlights of the United Airlines Pet Policy for you:

  • Passengers are allowed to carry their small dogs and cats in the cabin by paying associated charges.
  • The airline enables passengers to carry up to two pets per head when space is available in the plane.
  • Passengers traveling with two pets need to purchase two seats for their furry buddies. The seats need to be near their assigned seats, as this will assist them in caring for their pets.
  • United Airlines allows passengers to carry their pets without a carrier if they come under the service animal classification.
  • Passengers will need to book pet travel services in advance as if they are late, they may not be able to travel with their pets. The airline offers its pet transport services on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • With US military orders, pets can be transferred as checked baggage on some selected flight routes.

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Carry-On Pet Policy of United Airlines

With United Airlines, you can carry your small cats and dogs in the cabin with a carrier. You will need to pay one-time fees for each pet, and the charges may vary depending on where you are flying. Take a closer look at the in-cabin pet policy for United Airlines Bookings:

For Carriers/Kennels

  • Your furry friends need to be kept safe in well-ventilated carriers.
  • The carrier needs to be small as it needs to be placed under your front seat.
  • You will need to carry a carrier with the following dimensions:
    • Hard-sided carrier: 22 cm X 44 cm X 30 cm (H X L X B)
    • Soft-sided carrier: 27 cm X 45 cm X 27 cm (H X L X B)
  • If you are flying with pets, you must purchase window seats. You need to place the pet kennel under your front seat.
  • For most routes, United Airlines treats pet carriers as carry-on bags, so passengers may be limited to carrying only one personal item in the cabin.
  • You can only place one pet in each kennel, as per the in-cabin pet policy for United Airlines.

Age of Pets

  • Your pet needs to be above 2 months for domestic flights and 4 months for international flights.
  • The age of your pet needs to be verified with health records and other vaccination certificates.

Please Note:

For the convenience of your pets, you can carry a collapsible water bowl, treats, leash, plastic bags, favorite toys, blankets, or pillows.

Are There Traveling Restrictions for Pets with United Airlines?

The airline allows you to carry your pets with you to most destinations that welcome pets. For most domestic routes, as long as your destination allows pets, you can easily book tickets with United Airlines. However, if you are traveling to international destinations, you will need to contact the airline pet department at 1 - 800 - 864 - 8331.

Depending on where you are flying, you may not be allowed to fly with your pets. Consider noting down the countries mentioned here, as they are currently not accepting pets to fly on planes.

  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • French Polynesia (Tahiti)
  • Barbados
  • Jamaica
  • South Africa
  • Hong Kong
  • United Kingdom
  • Philippines
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Brazil
  • Marshall Islands
  • Cuba
  • Palau
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Guyana
  • Hawaii
  • Ireland
  • Micronesia
  • Sweden

Contact the customer service team for further information on countries that do not allow pets. Travel agents can be reached through United Airlines customer service numbers or by visiting the nearest airline center.

How to Finalize Pet Booking with United Airlines?

If your pets meet all stated requirements, they can fly with United Airlines comfortably. To book a pet service, simply execute the steps described here:

  • You can reserve pet service for your furry friends at the time of the initial booking through the United Airlines’ official website (, mobile app, or customer service number.
  • The airline also allows you to book service for your pets after final booking. For this, you will need to use the manage booking service of United Airlines.

Alternatively, for multiple international routes, you can use 1- 800-228-2744 and get connected with the available representative at the accessibility desk. They will make all required arrangements while giving you a memory to cherish forever.

What Documents do you need to Carry your Pet with United Airlines?

If you love your pet and want to travel with them, you will need to submit a pet transport form in advance. You will need basic information like weight, breed, vaccination, and vet. It will help the airline review the age and health of your pets. The documents also assist United Airlines to check whether your pet is fit to fly. To accumulate more information, speak to customer service and ask the assigned representative to reserve one for your pets.

Do United Airlines Charges for Carrying Pets with You?

Yes. United Airlines charges a fee for carrying pets with you. Let’s take a closer look at the pet travel fees:

For tickets purchased on or before 4/26/24

  • The airline charges USD 125 for each way of your journey.
  • You may need to bear USD 125 additionally if your flight takes
    • 4 hours in layover for domestic flights
    • 24 hours in layover for International flights

For tickets purchased on or after 4/26/24

  • United Airlines will charge USD 150 per pet and per way. The charge may rise; connect with the team for more accurate information on United Airlines pet fees.

Please note:

The charges mentioned above are for each way and each layover. If the flight has multiple layovers, the charges may vary depending on the flight and fare types.

Which seats are allowed for pets on United Airlines flights?

Your and your pet's seating arrangements depend on your cabin class. The airline allows up to 6 pets per cabin, depending on the cabin type the passenger chooses. Learn about the seating choices through inclined points:

Number of Pets per CabinFlight Types
Up to 2 pets in premium cabins
  • Airbus 319
  • Airbus 320
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 757-300ER
  • Bombardier CRJ
  • EMB 175
  • EMB 145
Up to 4 pets in Economy
  • Airbus 319
  • Airbus 320
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 757-300ER
  • Bombardier CRJ
  • EMB 175
  • EMB 145
Up to 6 pets in Economy
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787

Wrap Up

Sing along with the cloud and take your furry companion to a world full of joy by learning the essential guidelines of the United Airlines pet policy. Once you have gathered basic knowledge about the pet travel rules, you are ready to explore the beautiful world with your furry companion.

The airline offers various services and amenities to make your journey countable against your worries. If you have any queries, contact the team, and they will help you immediately to solve your worries related to the pet service of United Airlines.