If your travel plans with United Airlines have been affected due to flight delays or cancellations, you are at the right place. The airline offers you various alternatives when your flights are affected by delays, and you can even get United Airlines flight delay compensation in some cases. Understand your rights and airline rules before requesting compensation, and you’ll be back on track in no time. Learn more about flight delays and how to get compensation from United Airlines by reading the sections below!

What Happens When My United Airlines Flight Is Delayed?

If your United Airlines flight is delayed or canceled, the airline actively tries to provide you with an alternative to help you keep up with your travel plans. The same goes for your missed connections. But remember that the airline has limited options, so in some cases, you are also entitled to delay compensation from United Airlines. Here’s a simple breakdown of what happens:

  • The flight gets delayed for over an hour.
  • The airline tries to notify you about it as soon as possible.
  • You get an alternate flight booking for your destination.

If you do not like the alternate option or it hinders your overall trip plan, you can request the airline for compensation. There are many ways to do so. But first, take a clear look at your available options:

United Airlines Delay And Canceled Flight Options

The US Department of Transportation does not have any official regulations to hold the airlines liable for compensation in case of a flight delay. But to appease the passengers, United Airlines still offers some options where customers can:

  • Get an alternate flight for your booked route or destination.
  • Connect with a United Airlines customer service agent for your bags to be rerouted.
  • Check your eligibility for extra amenities. 
  • United Airlines can also rebook you on partner airlines or others under a travel agreement with them.

United Airlines provides you a hotel accommodation or meal voucher for your flights affected by long hours where you either have to spend the night at your departure place or wait longer for the new flight. 

Important: You can only claim a United Airlines delay compensation instead of an alternative flight when you prove your refund eligibility with relevant documents or reasons.

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How Do I Claim A United Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation?

Under Canadian and EU regulations, you are entitled to compensation on flights that are delayed by more than 3 hours or so. So, if you have flights with destinations including one of these countries, you can follow a simple series of steps and request compensation.

Check Your Eligibility For Compensation

You may be entitled to compensation in just a few cases. Check your eligibility under the United Airlines eligibility criteria and proceed with the request. Usually, United Airlines offers compensation on flights departing to/from EU airports or Canada with a delay of more than 3 hours.

Steps to Make Compensation Requests To United Airlines

  • Talk to a United Airlines representative at the airport.
  • Share your trip details with him.
  • Mention the relevant reasons for compensation. 
  • Check the compensation amount.
  • Submit a claim through the provided forms or via email. 

You can also directly call United Airlines customer service team or request delayed flight compensation via an online form. Make sure to check the total amount of compensation and your eligibility to proceed with these steps.

What Are My Rights In Case of United Airlines Flight Delay?

Customer rights in case of flight delays depend on which country you are traveling to and from. If you are in the United States, you won’t be entitled to compensation for most cases. However, for United Airlines flights to the EU and Canada, you can still enjoy considerable rebates for flight delays. Here are the details:

United States Regulations

  • United airlines provides you with an alternate flight booking to your route.
  • You can reroute your bags to your new flight.
  • The airline will inform you about the status of the delayed flights.
  • United Airlines may offer meal vouchers, hotel bookings, and ground transportation to customers facing a significant flight delay when the offered flight departs the next day or after long hours.

European Union Regulations

If your flight is booked with United Airlines, from or within the EU/UK and booked with United airlines and it gets delayed, you are entitled to a significant amount as compensation under the EU Laws (EC261). Refer to the table to see the compensation amount:

Flight DistanceDelay DurationCompensation Amount
1,500 kilometers or lessTwo or more hours250 Euros ($252)
Between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometersThree or more hours400 Euros ($403)
More than 3,500 kilometersFour or more hours600 Euros ($605)

Canadian Regulations

Canadian law is similar to European Union Regulations in terms of flight delays. So, if your United Airlines flight is within or departing from Canada, you are entitled to compensation based on the number of hours a flight is delayed. Here are the details:

Delay DurationCompensation Amount
3 to 6 hoursCAD 400
6 to 9 hoursCAD 700
More than 9 hoursCAD 1000

After this, you will understand your rights and know how much compensation you can get from United Airlines in case of flight delays.

Other Reasons Where I Can Claim Compensation:

  • Baggage Delay
  • Missed Flight Connection
  • Overbooking & Denied Boarding
  • Canceled flight by the airline.

In all these cases, you can request United Airlines for compensation, but under the carrier rules and regulations. 

In What Cases I Cannot Claim a Delay Compensation?

United Airlines flight delays make you eligible for a no-cost rebooking and change of flight to another available one for your destination as per your requirements. However, getting a compensation depends. In some cases, you can not claim a delayed flight compensation, which includes circumstances beyond the airline’s control.

  • Severe Weather Conditions
  • Air Traffic Control or Airport Restrictions
  • Security threats or similar risks
  • Political or Civic Unrest
  • Bird Strikes
  • Technical Problems not caused by the airline.

Additional cases where the compensation won’t apply:

  • When the airline notifies you about the delay well in advance, you to prepare for an alternative flight.
  • There are some extraordinary circumstances that the airline can not prevent at all.
  • When you are rerouted your plans are not affected by much time frame difference.

My Flight Was Delayed By Over 5 Hours: What Now?

If your United Airlines flight was delayed by 5 hours or more, you can choose whether to take the flight and travel or not. When you decide not to take the flight, the airline will:

  • Offer you a full refund, including all the fees.
  • Extra reimbursement as compensation for the delay.

Even if you take the flight, you can claim up to 250 Euros in compensation depending on the distance of the affected flight route. Remember to revisit the United Airlines delay compensation policy for better insights.


Next time you face a flight delay, remember to follow the right steps and understand your rights to receive proper compensation. The United Airlines flight delay compensation policy will always apply. For more details, check with the airline’s customer service department and get proper options. Feel free to connect with Unitedfareshub to inquire about the delay compensation and eligibility and get quick responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Compensation Offered For Every Flight Delay?

No. United Airlines will provide compensation if the flight is delayed by the airline for controllable factors.

How to claim compensation if the flight gets delayed for more than five hours?

You will need to contact United Airlines customer service to claim your refund against flight delays.

Who Qualifies For Compensation For A Flight Delayed By United Airlines?

You are eligible for compensation if United Airlines cancels or delays your flight for three or more hours.

Do United Airlines for flight delay compensation to non-refundable holders?

Yes. United Airlines will compensate you if your flight is delayed due to operational or technical failure. You are eligible for compensation even if you hold a non-refundable ticket.