Yes. Dealing with flight delays and cancellations with United Airlines can be quite frustrating as it hinders your travel plans. The airline understands this and allows you to request flight delay compensation if the airline fails to deliver the promised journey. Continue with the blog to learn about your rights and options regarding United Airlines flight delay compensation. Being well-informed about delayed flight policies can help you navigate these situations more effectively.

What Is The United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy?

The airline has rules that determine whether flight bookings qualify for flight delay compensation. To learn more about the flight delay clause, you will need to refer points discussed here:

  • You will be eligible for compensation if your flight is delayed by the airline for operational or technical failures.
  • To request flight delay compensation from United Airlines, you will need to make a reservation with the airline through
    • Website
    • Mobile
    • Reservation Center
    • Booking Department
  • In most scenarios, the airline will not compensate you if the flight schedule is changed or canceled due to bad weather or other uncontrollable factors.
  • United Airlines offers compensation if your flight is delayed for more than three hours.
    • For flights traveling in the EU market, the passenger will be eligible for a full refund as compensation if the flight gets delayed for more than 5 hours.
  • The airline will determine the value and form of compensation. In some scenarios, the airline will proceed with your compensation in the same form of payment.

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What Compensation Does United Airlines Offer For Flight Delay?

United Airlines has made necessary arrangements that will assist them in serving passengers' interests. The airline tries to provide a hassle-free flight journey even if there are chances of flight delays due to bad weather. The airline tries to deliver the promised service; however, if they fail to make the flight journey possible, the airline will compensate you based on multiple influential factors.

Flight delays are one of those heated times when you need to have patience and look for options available to you based on United Airlines flight delay compensation rules. Let’s grab a quick session on available options:

  • If your flight is delayed for more than five hours, you will be eligible for a full refund.
  • Free accommodation will be provided for flights that are delayed late at night.
  • New bookings will be made with the same departure and destination airport.
  • No need to pay fare differences if your flight is scheduled for the next available dates.

The airline will decide all the compensation values, so speaking to the team is a must before claiming any benefit under the United Flight Delay Compensation program.

What Documents Do I Need To Carry For Claiming Compensation?

The airline will ask you to share the following information for claiming compensation. Let’s explore more about them:

  • You will need to share your booking credentials with the team.
  • A copy of your booked tickets and boarding passes.
  • You will also need to present your passport ID or any government-approved ID.

Please Note

To claim compensation, you first need to review the reason behind and the length of the delays. After checking both factors, you can submit delay compensation from the airline.

How To Claim Flight Delay Compensation from United Airlines?

United Airlines accepts compensation claim requests through online and offline ways. To request a claim, you need to have your e-tickets or physical tickets with you and your boarding pass. Once you are ready, choose the most appropriate method discussed here and claim your compensation quite comfortably.

Through Website

You can request compensation by filling out the form available on the United Airlines website. Simply execute the steps mentioned below and claim your compensation from the comfort of your home:

  • Visit the United Airlines website (
  • Complete the sign-in process.
  • Look for the compensation request section.
  • Enter all required information.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to submit a compensation claim.
  • Mention your contact details, it will help the team to reach you.
  • Review the information before tapping on the Submit button.

Please Note:

The airline will waive cancellation or change fees if the flight is canceled or delayed by United Airlines. Contact the customer service team for more accurate information on the compensation claim procedures.

Through Customer Service

For every postpones and cancellation caused due to operational or technical failures, the airline offers compensation. You can claim your reimbursement by contacting the airline directly. For this, you simply need to follow the process described here:

  • Dial the United Airlines Customer Service Number 1 800 864 8331.
  • Choose your preferred language following IVR prompts.
  • The system may ask you to authenticate your identification.
  • Share your booking credentials and some personal information to retrieve your booking.
  • The representative will initiate the compensation claim process on your behalf.
  • You may need to share the reason for the claim.
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation mail for registering your claim.

You can also contact customer service by visiting the nearest United Airlines center. You can then share all required information with them and claim your compensation comfortably.


If your flight is delayed by United Airlines, you are entitled to compensation based on the reason for the delay, destination, and many other factors. The airline offers a variety of compensation to their passengers if they fail to deliver the promised flight journey. You can enjoy compensation in the form of travel vouchers, credit, complimentary snacks, and many others. If you have any doubts or need assistance, connect with the customer service team, and they will help you to get compensation against flight delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Compensation Offered For Every Flight Delay?

No. United Airlines will provide compensation if the flight is delayed by the airline for controllable factors.

How to claim compensation if the flight gets delayed for more than five hours?

You will need to contact United Airlines customer service to claim your refund against flight delays.

Who Qualifies For Compensation For A Flight Delayed By United Airlines?

You are eligible for compensation if United Airlines cancels or delays your flight for three or more hours.

Do United Airlines for flight delay compensation to non-refundable holders?

Yes. United Airlines will compensate you if your flight is delayed due to operational or technical failure. You are eligible for compensation even if you hold a non-refundable ticket.