Did you make trip plans with United Airlines and they didn’t go as planned? You can now request to cancel your tickets under the United Airlines cancellation policy and refund your flights. Flight cancellations are a common issue, and United handles it quite smoothly for its customers,

To cancel your travel booking with the airline, you only need to adhere to the airline ticket rules per your selected fare and proceed. Read below the detailed information about canceling your flight tickets and getting refunds from the airline.

What is the United Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy?

Before you cancel your United Airlines flight tickets, its crucial to understand the airline rules depending on your fare types. You can review the below policy in detail and request United Airlines for cancellations at ease.

24-hour Cancellations

United Airlines has set up a 24-hour risk-free cancellation period, which lets you terminate your booking free of cost. Under the United Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, you can:

  • Cancel flights within 24 hours of booking time
  • Receive a full refund regardless of the ticket type.

Remember that the departure of the flight should be at least 7 days from the booking date, and you must cancel it within one day of booking your flights.

Cancellation Rules After 24-Hours

  • You can cancel your bookings only within 24 hours for a free refund on all tickets, including Basic Economy. 
  • After 24 hours, you must pay a cancellation fee for all nonrefundable tickets.
  • The airline can give you a future travel credit when you cancel tickets booked as nonrefundable.
  • All refundable ticket holders can get a refund to the original form of payment on cancellation.
  • If you are charged a fee for the cancellation of tickets after a risk-free period, make sure to review your fare terms and avoid any troubles.
  • The cancellation fee depends on serval factors, so you can only see it when you request to cancel your tickets online or ask an agent while on the call.

Adhere to these simple rules to make ticket cancellation easier, You can also connect with the airline customer service for better insights on United Airlines cancellation process.

Award Ticket Cancellations

You can simply cancel an award ticket booked using United Airlines' MileagePlus miles through the website. After logging in to your MileagePlus account online and requesting a ticket cancellation, follow the online cancellation process mentioned above.

Remember that award ticket cancellations may be subject to a redeposit fee if you need award miles back after the general deduction of charges for terminating travel plans. 

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Process

You can cancel flight tickets with United Airlines easily using their website or call the customer service department to process the termination of your itinerary. Here are the detailed steps you can follow:

Cancel Your Flight Online

  • Go to the official website of United Airlines (www.united.com).
  • Login or go to My Trips directly.
  • Click on the Cancel flight button.
  • Search your upcoming flights directly from your account or enter the following:
    • Your Confirmation Number
    • Last Name as per ticket
  • Click on the itinerary you wish to cancel.
  • Agree to the ticket terms and conditions.
  • Check the cancellation fees if any confirm further.
  • Go through each option in detail.
  • Follow the screen instructions and complete the cancellation.
  • Go for a refund request if prompted.
  • Confirm everything and close.

Cancel Your Flight Offline

You can even cancel your tickets by calling the United Airlines customer service number available on their website. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Find & Dial United Airlines phone number.
  • Follow the voice prompts to connect to a live person.
  • Share your concerns.
  • Give your mandatory trip details to the agent on the phone.
  • Provide a valid reason and proof if suggested.
  • Ask for the cancellation options.
  • Confirm and cancel your tickets.

After confirming cancellation on your end, you will receive a notification from the airline with a cancellation ID. You usually get an email from the airline which also include a link to request a refund if you are eligible for it.

How Much is The United Airlines Cancellation Fees?

United airlines has eliminated all the change and cancellation fees to cancel your tickets. However, you can still expect to lose the whole ticket amount as a penalty if you do not cancel under the designated period allowed for ticket cancellations. The airline previously charged $200 to customers who canceled their nonrefundable tickets before departure after 24 hours of the booking. These days, you can avoid paying the United Airlines flight cancellation cost with most refundable tickets up to 1 hour before the departure date.

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Will United Let Me Cancel a Money+Miles Ticket?

Yes, the airline allows customers with Mone + Miles bookings to cancel their flights for a small fee. But depending on the frequent flyer status and your fare terms, you can do it free of cost. Make sure the ticket you booked using Money and Miles is refundable, and obtain a full refund on tickets, else you’ll have to pay a penalty charge.

What Happens When United Airlines Cancels My Flight?

If you cancel your flight voluntarily, there is a small charge that you must pay based on your fare terms and conditions. However, if the airline cancels your flight, you are notified in advance and you also get up-to-date information about rebooking options.

The airline notifies you through:

  • Official website
  • App Notifications
  • Airport Kiosks

You can also connect with their call agents and get information about your alternative flight options and if there is room for refunds (only when you are not satisfied with the alternatives).

Final Words

That’s all about canceling a flight with United Airlines. If you wish to obtain your refunds after cancellations, check the detailed refund policy or connect with a relevant airline agent for help. There are also other ways, and you can find more information through the Unitedfareshub team about canceling a United airlines ticket. Feel free to contact and get immediate answers any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does United Airlines Allow Online Cancellations?

Yes, you can cancel your United Airlines flights online through their official website under manage booking or request cancellations on their mobile app online.

Can I Cancel United Flights for Free?

United Airlines does allow customers to cancel their flights free of charge under its 24 hour cancellation policy. Make sure your flight is at least a week apart from the date of cancellation, and you can easily cancel without charges and also get a full refund.

Will United Airlines Offer a Refund for Cancelling one hour before departure?

If it's just one hour left for your United Airlines flight departure, you will get a refund for refundable tickets only. Unless there is an unforeseen emergency, you will not get any refund, as the check-in window will also close before you proceed and you must pay a penalty.

What is United Airlines Cancellation Policy due to Illness?

If you have a sudden illness or anyone in your immediate family does, United Airlines asks for valid proof and lets you cancel flights for free and rebook later or get a trip credit for future rebookings.

Can I Change a Flight instead of Cancellations?

Yes, you can change your flight date instead of canceling tickets to fly as per your new schedule. If you already have a date, you can change it. The airline recommends you cancel and get a refund instead only when you aren’t sure when you’ll be traveling again.

Can We Get a Refund if United Airlines Cancels Flights?

If United Airlines cancels your flights, you can get a refund or alternate flight options, where the latter is the most practiced method. The airline normally gives you an alternative flight option when it cancels your original flight, and if that does not suit your requirements, you are free to ask for a refund.

Do I Need to Pay a Fee to Cancel United Airlines Basic Economy Flights?

United Airlines Basic Economy flights are non refundable so there will be a charge which you must clear to request a partial refund of your ticket fare after its deduction.