You are on your way to the departure airport when suddenly you notice you have left your passport at home. The next big question arises: What should you do next? Will United Airlines compensate you if you miss your flight due to personal reasons? Let’s find out the answers to all queries through this blog.

Does United Airlines Have A Missed Flight Policy?

Yes. The airline understands that no one wishes to miss their flights; however, there are circumstances when they need to miss their flight journey due to external factors. In most scenarios, you will need to pay the full booking value as no-show fees. Depending on your fare type and flight routes, the airline may not offer you a rebooking facility even if you missed your flight with United Airlines. So, to be on the safe side, contact the United Airlines customer service team and solve your concern efficiently. 

Are you eligible for compensation if you miss your United flight?

No. According to the United Airlines Missed Flight Policy, you are not eligible for any compensation if you miss your flight due to personal factors. So, to protect your booking amount, connect with the customer service team and ask them to offer you a reschedule or rebooking facility. 

The airline offers compensation to eligible passengers who miss their flight due to operational or functional errors. You can claim compensation by reporting the reason behind such delays, and the designated team will review your case to determine your refund status. Reach the team at 1 (800) 864-8331 and solve your concern quite efficiently.

What is the United Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

United Airlines has a set of rules inclined in its missed flight policy that help passengers when they knowingly or unknowingly miss their flights. Continue to discover more about this provision:

  • The airline will consider your bookings as a no-show clause if you are not boarding your flight on time, regardless of the reason behind it. 
  • You can rebook your journey with United by paying fees, but the airline does not offer a free rescheduling facility.
  • United Airlines will not entertain your missed flight compensation request if you miss your flight due to personal reasons, such as oversleeping, losing your belongings, or traffic.
  • You will be eligible for a refund only if the airline is unable to offer you a seat on the intended flight due to overbooking or technical errors.
  • To be eligible for a free reschedule or refund, you must inform United about the reason for your missing flight at least 3 to 4 hours before departure.

What steps do I need to take once I miss my flight?

You simply need to visit the nearest center or airport and execute the steps discussed here:

  • Reach the designated counter.
  • Inform about the delays.
  • The airline will check the departure timing.
    • If your flight hasn’t left the airport, you may get a chance to board the flight at no additional cost.
  • In case your flight has departed, you will need to rebook your journey.
    • With United Airlines, you are not eligible for any refund if you miss your flight due to your miscalculation. 

Please Note

The rebooking facility is not available to all. Only specific fare categories qualify for rescheduling facilities. 

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What happens if I miss my flight?

United Airlines asks passengers to inform ahead of time if passengers are missing their flights due to any external or internal factors. However, if passengers fail to inform the airline, they may need to pay full booking value as no-show fees, which simply means United will forfeit the value, and the passenger is not entitled to any refund. 

If you miss your flight with United Airlines, you need to inform the airline with all supporting documentation. However, this does not guarantee that you will be eligible for a refund or have an opportunity to reschedule your flight for free. 

How much does United charge if I miss my flight?

You will need to pay up to 90% of your booking value if you fail to board your flight. The airline may charge more depending on multiple circumstances, like 

  • Failing to inform ahead of departure
  • Making controllable excuses
  • Book tickets through third-party agents
  • Flying basic or award tickets
  • Requesting reschedule after departure

You may make changes in the schedule if you miss your flight due to the bereavement of your immediate family member. However, you will need to share the death certificate and other essential documents. 

Wrap Up

United Airlines may not entertain your request if you miss your flight for the above-discussed reasons. So, be protected and contact the customer service team as soon as possible. The team may not help you with a refund but can get you better alternatives. You can also secure huge discounts if you are employing them for your next United flight journeys.