Yes. United Airlines offers a lost and found service, helping passengers reunite with their belongings as soon as possible. The airline also assists passengers throughout the journey and helps them tackle all the obstacles related to their baggage. With the United Airlines Lost and Found serviceyour belongings are well protected from every challenge of your trip. Continue with this blog to understand all the possibilities and rules mentioned in the United’s lost and found policy.

What Guidelines Are Associated With United Airlines' Lost And Found Approach?

United Airlines has segregated its lost and found service depending on where you lose your belongings. Have a closer look at the following to have a better understanding of this policy:

Lost Baggage At The Airport But Before Boarding

  • United Airlines will not entertain your request, as you lost your belongings even before check-in. 
  • The airline does not take responsibility if the bags or any items are lost or damaged by you. 
  • United will get you compensation only if the baggage is lost or damaged during operational procedures.

Lost Baggage At The Airport

  • You deboard your flight, and at the exit gate, you realize you have left your belongings. Simply contact the designated department by dialing the United Airlines Lost And Found Phone Number 1-800-335-2247 and sharing all relevant information with them. 
  • The team will check the plane and cargo section to retrieve your belongings on time. If they get the items on time, you will receive your belongings within five to ten business days. 
  • In most scenarios, the airline will ask you to allow them 30 days from the date of request. Have patience; the team will work on your request and try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please Note

International passengers can track their baggage claim by contacting the United Lost And Found department at 1-281-821-3526. Be attentive, and if you lose your items during the flight journey, contact the airline directly within 24 hours of your arrival. 

What Should I Do If I Leave Something On My United Flight?

When you choose United Airlines as your travel companion, you are choosing peace and serenity above other means. The airline values your emotions towards your belongings. To safeguard your peace and belongings, the airline has streamlined its approach. Continue to learn more:

  • The airline allows you to check the plane if you request a loss of your bags, coats, or any other items within the specified time.
  • Inform the crew; they will help you locate your belongings. If you buy additional time after arrival, the chances are high that you will get your baggage on the same day.
  • For added security, the airline employs the TSA’s lost and found department; if you require it, you can easily seek their help. 
  • Without further delay, contact the United Airlines Lost and Found department. The team will make additional arrangements to get you reunited with your belongings. 
  • During the process, if they fail to recover your belongings, you will be eligible for compensation.

Please Note

To resolve the issue quickly, you will need to have booking credentials and baggage tag information. This information will help the airline locate your belongings and compensate you for your loss as efficiently as possible. 

How Do I Contact The United Airlines Lost And Found Department?

Once you find that you lost your baggage due to the fault of United Airlines, simply reach the Lost And Found Department by executing the following steps:

At The Airport

  • You must not waste your time. Reach the nearest baggage claim counter.
  • Share your booking credentials with other supporting documents.
  • Ask the travel representative to report the lost baggage request.
  • Once the agent reports the request, ask them to share the tracking number.
  • Use the reference number to locate your bags. It also assists you in tracking your baggage claim. 

Over The Phone

If you find that you lost your bags but exited the airport, you do not need to come back, as you can lodge the lost baggage report over the phone. Dial 1-800-335-2247 and get connected with the team; the assigned agent will review your request and act on it efficiently. The airline will make every effort to get your bags or any other belongings. During the process, if United damaged your bag, you shall be eligible for compensation.

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What Is The Phone Number For United Lost And Found Claim Service?

You can connect with the Lost And Found Claim Service team of United Airlines through multiple modes. However, if you want a quick resolution, you will need to reach them through their dedicated center or by dialing their customer service number. Choose the method as per suitability and you can connect with the team to initiate the process. Report the loss as soon as you can; as for some destinations, the airline does not accept lost baggage requests after 24 hours of arrival. The service desk is operated 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so getting proper assistance is not a frenzied assignment. 


The airline will assist you until you receive your belongings; however, you must make the request as soon as possible. United Airlines does have some restrictions; contact the United airlines customer service team for more accurate information on the policy. If you have any doubts clear with them; it will help you get peace of mind.